Journey Group


This discussion group meets monthly and provides a forum for open discussion on religious, spiritual and theological topics.

We usually meet on the first Thursday of every month in the Foyer, convening at 2.30 pm, or 2.15pm if you want coffee! Meetings have been suspended until further notice due to Covid-19.  When we do reopen you will be assured of a warm welcome.

Group Ethos

The Group is attended by up to 12 members of several denominations – currently Methodist, Anglican, and URC. Ministers both active and retired are included.

It is geared to provide a forum for open discussion on religious, spiritual and theological topics. It attracts those who wish to continue to be active members of their church and its community, but who have grown to attach less importance to its doctrine, dogma, and what they see as its outdated traditional theology, but seeing importance in the life and teachings of Jesus as a man of his time. Our discussions tend therefore to be liberal and often radical in nature, full more of questions than answers, directed to understanding love and hope, but seeking few certainties.

The group is affiliated to Progressive Christianity Network Britain (PCN Britain) whose flyer front page states “PCN Britain .....where contemporary thought and understanding matter as much as scripture and tradition”. A second Harrogate PCN Britain group also meets monthly on a Sunday evening.

If you are interested in the sound of our group, you would be most welcome to join us. For more details please contact us via our Contact Page or visit the PCN Britain website at