Wesley Guild

Wesley Guild Annual Garden Party 2011

 At a combined meeting of the Ladies Fellowship and Wesley Guild on 10 March 2022 it was unanimously agreed by the 22 members present that both groups should combine under the auspices of ‘Wesley Fellowship’.   Wesley Fellowship will meet on the second Thursday of the month at 2pm in the Upper Hall.   See 

History of the Guild at Wesley Chapel Harrogate

It was announced in 1995 that ‘providing we can ‘get it off the ground’ we hope that we might be able to run a Wesley Guild during the coming winter months’.

It did ‘get off the ground’ and was at first called ‘Thursday Night at Eight’.  However, this proved to be too much of a mouthful and it simply became ‘Guild’.  Originally Guild met in the autumn and winter months.  It became associated to The Wesley Guild, which was initially established by the Methodist Church over 100 years ago when concerns were raised about retaining young people in the Wesleyan Methodist Church.