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Responding to our calling

Monday  3 February

Lunchtime Recital

1pm - 2pm

Fidelio Trio

A prayer for Brexit day by the Revd Barbara Glasson, President of the Methodist Conference

However we feel about today
We mark this Brexit day
As people who grieve or celebrate together
One people
Loved equally, freely and unconditionally
By the one wise all-seeing God
Either way let us hold this day gently
Giving ourselves permission to leave
Without elation or despair
Determined to love our neighbour
Support the weak and welcome the stranger
Lord of all life
Let your servants depart in peace
And live according to your Holy Law

This week at Wesley

Sunday  26 January 10.30am

Morning Worship

led by

Rev. Ben Clowes

Monday 27 January

2.30pm in the Lower Hall




Speaker Mr Carl Good

Lifeline Harrogate

Tuesday  28 January

10am to 12 noon

Tuesday Coffee

Come and join us for refreshment and a chat

Thursday 30 January


Forward Together


10.45 am Coffee Served

12 noon Lunch

Sunday 2 February 10.30am

Morning Worship with Holy Communion 

led by Rev. Trevor Dixon

Coming Soon

Monday  3 February

Lunchtime Recital

1pm - 2pm

Fidelio Trio

Saturday 29 February  7.30pm

Evening Piano Recital

Julien Brocal

Thursday 13 February 2pm

Book Club. 

Reading The Suffragettes edited by Joyce Marlow