Responding to our calling

How shall we sing the LORD'S song in a strange land?

Psalm 137:4

Please remember to fill in the questionnaires sent to you by post by either returning them to your minister or doing it online by the 18th August.

Sharing the Good News

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What's On This Week

Sunday 2 August


Sunday Worship 


Rev. Peter Whitaker 


Rev. Grace Caudwell

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Sunday 2 August  6:30pm

Evening Worship with Gracious Street


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Summer Morning Prayers


Live at 8am


Monday, Wednesday

and Saturday

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If you missed any of the above services you can see videos of them, they are all available on youtube. 

Next week. 10-30am Morning Worship Preacher Mo Onyett

Methodist Church Dial-a-Prayer FREE phone lines for prayers and news, updated Thursdays Listen to a prayer: 0808 281 2514 Listen to news: 0808 281 2478

If you know anyone who would be interested you can download a card here.

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Are you a young person who will be leaving Year 6 and going into Year 7 this year. Here is a video specially for you.

Love Feast.  If you're looking for a different experience of worship then Grace is hosting a love feast each Sunday morning at 9am. This half hour service is based on the love feasts Grace has hosted in churches. It will include prayer and praise as we ask two questions, where have you seen God at work this week around you, and what encouragement do we have for one another. Bring something to eat and drink (a cuppa and a biscuit, or your breakfast, or well anything you fancy!) You may like to think about the questions in advance and bring a hymn, or a poem, or a passage of scripture to share. We will offer our food and our conversation to God for blessing. The love feast is hosted on zoom. Please contact Grace by email for the

connection details. The room opens at 8:55am for a brief chat before we start! 

 Face Coverings. Would you be willing to sew some face coverings for us? Disposable masks are causing a huge environmental strain, and forgotten reusable face coverings often mean using a disposable one. We’d love to have a small stock of reusable ones available however to do that we’d need willing sewers! Here’s a link to some patterns, any are fine so long as they comply with UK guidance to cover chin mouth and nose. They can be made from old sheets and we can supply elastic. If you would be willing to sew some can you please drop us a message or get in touch with Grace, who can sort out if you need elastic, or fabric supplying!

Philip has been playing the organ during lockdown to keep it healthy.  Here is a glimpse of our lovely chapel, but without its lovely people.

A Date for your Diary

Flourish: Sunday, 18th October 2020 at the Wesley Centre, Harrogate A time of celebration, worship & fellowship as we gather together as Nidd Valley Circuit. Programme for all ages. Book free tickets at:

The Summer edition of the Connexion Magazine is now available.

Prayer for our homes written and read by Rev. Leslie Newton. Chair of Yorkshire North and East District

The Harrogate District Foodbank is always looking for donations of food and other items.  Visit the website to find out how to help.

Please read this message from the Nidd Valley Ministry Team, posted on Facepook 24 June 


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