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Thy Kingdom Come : 21 - 31 May

From the very first gatherings of Methodists in Oxford, Methodism has always been suffused with prayer. Prayer is the foundation on which the Methodist Church is built and from which it seeks to fulfil its calling to respond to the gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission.

The Revd Canon Gareth J Powell, Secretary of the Methodist Conference

 'Thy Kingdom Come 2020' - 10 days of prayer between now and Pentecost Sunday (31st May).  Here's an awesome new song written for this year's Thy Kingdom Come - maybe use it as a basis for prayer.                                      

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Sunday 24 May


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Aldersgate Sunday

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Sunday 24 May

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Prayer for our homes written and read by Rev. Leslie Newton. Chair of Yorkshire North and East District

Poetry Corner

The Covid Winter

A Poem by Katie Smith

Just Be by Catherine Clowes

Just be at home
How can that be so hard to do?
Most of our lives we long to slow down
Now we can there’s so much to pursue!

Just be apart
From those not known and those we love
We must keep at a safe distance
Our hearts burst with the build-up of love

Just be at work
Be it at home or on the frontline
Whether we’re fighting the virus head on
Or we’re meeting with colleagues on Zoom time!

Just be at school
All this home teaching wasn’t part of the deal!
Such pressure to keep up high standards
Know you’re doing great no matter how you feel


Just be patient
Although it feels like we’ll never get through
We’re told that if we follow the rules
This time will pass, we can start anew!

Just be at peace
Our heavenly Father has got this in hand
He hears our cries for his hurting world
He will come to heal our land.

Just be at rest
Give Him your worries and your fears
Let Him hold you in His loving arms
Let Him wipe away your tears.

Just be His child
That is all we’re called to be
We can trust Him with our future
Let Him love you tenderly

Just be!

©Catherine Clowes
March 2020


(April 13, 2020, in the middle of lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic)

There will be life beyond lockdown,

yes, there will be life; life and love

and living; living life more respectfully,

more gently, more thankfully.


There will be time, time to love

and greet our dear ones, to relish

their presence and sing their song.

There will be reunions and meetings,

plans and preparations for many things

that for too long have been on hold.


Oh, there will be laughter, lots

and lots of laughter, and sadness

too for what and who we’ve missed.

There will be worries - of health

and income, of different ways of

living, of adjusting to our lives

and how we live them post pandemic.


But, just imagine stopping in the

street, seeing someone, crossing

straightaway to meet them, greet

them! To value and be valued.

Think of parties in the garden, of

children bouncing, shouting, of

games and music and the fun we’ll have!

So much to treasure and appreciate,

when our world’s unlocked and we

are free. Free to live, to love, to serve.

There will be life beyond this awful,

necessary lockdown. When social

distancing has done its thing;

when the virus is contained, or we are

tested and can travel, work and walk;

board a bus, a train, ... a plane!

When we will not just look beyond

our ‘walls’ to those around who need us,

but really be alongside and amongst.

When we can never take for granted

what we may have done before:

even food and clothes and coffee stops!


When each hug and kiss and

handshake will be twice as

warming, and sincere. When

we prioritise our promises, our

lives and loves and livelihoods,

when we truly count our blessings

and our privilege and space.


There will be life after lockdown.

There will. But today, before

we’ve got there, may we treasure

in this very moment, the time we have:

the slowness, even the separations;

the ‘making do’, the ‘using up’;

the virtual life we live and all

the benefits of digital devices.


Yet now we dare to dream of newness,

of the dawning of the days when

perhaps a hope is realised!

Step with me into a future which

will be our newest ‘normal’;

when with courage we’ll embrace

the hours, the days, the time we have;


Forever grateful and mindful of the

freedom others paid their lives for;

I hope, when we’re loosed from lockdown,

we’ll cherish all we know of life and love.


Hilary J Hughes 

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