Welcome to Wesley Chapel

Ministerial Team:

Rev. Lesley Taylor 01423 881116

Rev. Trevor Dixon  07525 35270

Jesus, guest and host,
may our tables be safe spaces where everyone feels at home.

Jesus, friend and brother,
help us to practice the hospitality we teach.

Jesus, who washed the feet of the disciples,

teach us afresh the sacrament of service.

Jesus, generous giver,

show us the abundance of love where we see only scarcity.

Jesus, in whose name is found salvation,

help us rejoice in the kingdom banquet prepared for all.


Jesus, you prayed that we might be one,

just as you and the Father are one,
we pray for the unity of your Church, of all communities, of all creation and of all things in you. Amen.

Richard Andrew, Darlington District Chair

Wesley Week


10.30am  16 January 2022

Morning Worship led by Rev. Peter Whittaker

Cup of Coffee

Tuesdays at 10.30am


Join us at our virutal coffee morning 

Contact  us for a link

Reading Bible

Wesley  Share

Come and join us for Sunday evening


23  January 2022

Contact us for details


Coming soon


District Prayer Gathering

Starting on 6th January, at 6.30pm! we will be hosting a weekly online time of prayer – focusing on seeking God’s renewal for our lives, church and world. We’ll begin at 6.30pm for about 45 minutes.



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Yarn Shop Collection

Message from Grace

Knitting Request: I’m hoping you can help me spread a little request. I was chatting about craft with one of the hospital chaplains yesterday and saying that I knit breasts for BF supporters. She mentioned that Pannal Ward used to have them but don’t anymore. So I spoke to the Infant Feeding Coordinator at the hospital who tells me they don’t use them because they’ve all gone walkies (probably with student midwives, who will be using them in their kits, or they’ve become damaged etc) I’ve offered to knit some more- but thought it would be lovely as something to do as circuit- Pannal ward will always have need, and she’s also suggested the community team might also love them! I can also attach a crochet pattern if that is easier for people. I use brightly coloured contrasting wool rather than “skin tones” as it makes them much more “approachable”! Any DK wool will be fine, and if you don’t have stuffing I’m happy to accept flat boobs and stuff them here! Do let me know if you can help!


Knitting pattern attached


The Harrogate District Foodbank is always looking for donations of food and other items.  Visit the website to find out how to help.

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We rely heavily on donations to keep our services running. We are in particular need of regular funding from individuals and businesses to help us expand our day centre to offer wider health, wellbeing and skills training services.

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