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Our History

Wesley Chapel celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012.  Before 1862 the chapel had been at the corner of Beulah Street and Oxford Street. It was one of only two chapels in the Harrogate circuit which was constituted in 1858. 

We produced a book in 1962 on our 100th anniversary and updated it in 2012.   It is entitled Celebrating 150 years The History of Wesley Chapel Harrogate 1862-2012.
Wesley Chapel is a Grade II listed building in the traditional 'meeting house' style. It was extensively refurbished for our Centenary in 1962 and again in 1994 when the foyer at the entrance to the church was created and major alterations made to the facilities in the Lower Hall beneath the church, including a lift.


More recently in 2014 the worship area  was made  to make us more flexible for modern style worship and to open the Upper Hall to community groups. The pews were removed from the body of the chapel and replaced by more comfortable seating. The floor was levelled and a wooden surface laid.  Underfloor heating was installed.  Toilets were installed in the Upper Hall in 2021 and the kitchen extended.
In September 2014 the newly named Wesley Centre came under the auspices of Nidd Valley Methodist Circuit .  Wesley Chapel congregation continue to worship in the building, and a management group was put in place to oversee the work of Wesley Centre. 
Since 2020 the Lower Hall has been let exclusively to the Harrogate Homeless Project (HHP) for its Springboard Day Centre, designed to support people living on the streets with day to day care.  
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